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"I have implemented what Gina has taught and within 3 months of launching, I have a full roster of clients and am looking to expand. I have a waitlist of clients wanting to work with me."
Sarah Bowman
Virtual Assistant

Welcome to Horkey HandBook!

I’m Gina Horkey – since 2014 I’ve been helping people start and grow their own freelance writing and virtual assistant businesses by openly sharing my own journey.

Why? In May of 2014, I decided to start my own side hustle offering writing and email management services. And within a few months I was earning $4,000 per month (in addition to my day job income!), working full-time and raising 2 toddlers.

It wasn’t much later that I gave my boss the “pink slip” and became a full-time webpreneur. You too can start living the life you want, without having to be filthy rich or waiting to retire.

How to become a virtual assistant

Learn the individual steps required to launch your new VA biz. We’ll answer all of your questions, introduce you to our best resources and explain everything you need to know about how you can get started as a VA TODAY!

explore virtual assistant services

Want to start a virtual assistant biz, but not sure what services to offer? Read our in-depth guide to more than 50 in-demand services you can start offering today. PLUS, make sure to grab our free PDF list that includes 100+ more!

Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Let me guess… your to-do list never stops growing. You’re having trouble managing and tracking all of the various tasks that need your attention. Important things are slipping through the cracks and your spare time is all but non-existent. We know a thing or two about what makes for a great VA and how you can find one with less stress.

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Is writing your jam? If you dream of being in control of your time and your work environment, we have some good news! Demand for freelance writers has never been higher. Website copy, research papers, email, social media and copywriting. The opportunities are endless as long as you’ve got the desire.

Student Success Stories

Debora Cavett


“Once I started the VA Foundations course, the fire within me was lit. The thought of having my own business, managing my own time, being my own boss and creating something I was truly passionate about kept me going while working a 9-5 job I didn’t enjoy. The day I went full-time with my VA business – just 8 months after finishing the course – was one of the happiest of my life. I love working with my clients from all over the US and in all kinds of different niches, giving them valuable time and energy back for doing what they love and want to do. Thank you, Horkey HandBook, for helping me create a life where I like to go to work every single day.”

Rachel Severns


“I’m freaking out right now – I wrote one case study on email management and woke up this morning to a new client lead in my inbox. Gina, if you were next to me, I’d be squeezing your hand SO hard right now!”

Why Not YOU, Why Not NOW

Why not YOU, why not NOW?

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