Want to earn a living online as a freelance writer?
Here’s how you can start making money from home (writing in your spare time) in just 30 days or less…
“Hindsight being 20/20, I’d start an online business over ANY other kind.”
Listen, there’s not many people who can say this but…

If you give me just 30 days… I’ll give you everything you need to build a high-paying freelance writing business.

Why am I so confident? Well I’ve learned from personal experience that if you can write a simple blog post, then you’ve ALREADY got the writing skills that clients WANT to pay you for 🤑.

(And trust me, blog posts are simple to write… so simple that you’ll be able to write blog posts that impress potential writing clients before even finishing my course).

As for the rest of the skills needed to start a freelance writing business, well, you’ll learn all that PLUS:

Getting stoked? Great!

‘Cause I guarantee that 30 days from now, you’ll also know the one thing of utmost importance for freelance writing success: How to create predictable, DEPENDABLE long-term freelance writing income.

All of this is based on what I did to land clients that paid me so well… that I was able to expand my business into what it is today (a high-six figure company complete with my own team!).

But before all this… before I could make a great living working from home, and actually have flexibility to be with family and friends… I was miserable.

But you’d never be able to guess that!

After all, I had two wonderful babies, a great husband 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 who took care of them at home, and a secure job in personal finance working only four days a week.

For the right person, this would be a dream come true.

But deep down, I knew it wasn’t the life I wanted.

Working in personal finance was completely unfulfilling. Even if my practice treated me well and I had great clients to work with… it simply wasn’t enough.

And to top it all off:

I even invested in training called CFP (Certified Financial Planning), hoping that it would – in return – make ME feel more invested in my career.

And I even proposed buying into the practice where I worked. That would’ve permanently attached me to the business and the personal finance industry as a whole.

(Luckily, I didn’t go through with it).

But even after all these mental gymnastics to try and “trick” myself into loving my career, I just couldn’t lie to myself any longer.

So I finally accepted that I needed to do something else with my life – something I actually wanted to do.

And so I initiated a little “Google-Fu,” hoping to find the solution to my dilemma.

And after many nights of searching, I found it – freelance writing.

It hit ALL the right spots:

This sounded amazing! But could I actually make it work?

After all, I didn’t have any formal writing training or paid experience. I just had some blog posts I wrote on Blogger, a platform you don’t even need to pay for.

So I was worried.

But even with my anxieties looming about, my motivation was running hot.

I was driven to create a new life for myself. So rather than overthink my setbacks or worries, I got to work.

And here’s what happened:

First, I launched my website and blog. That way I’d be able to show others I at least had some experience as a writer.

Next, I started looking for easy-pickins writing opportunities.

I found a great unpaid gig writing for The Huffington Post. This let me borrow their credibility to improve my “legitness” as a writer, which was great for my portfolio.

And after just these couple of steps… guess what? I found my first PAYING client, which led to me earning $800 in just my second month of going serious.

Within six months I was earning $4,000 per month on the side of my full-time job – with a baby and toddler in tow.

And within eight months of looking into this freelance writing thing, I had quit my job and left the 9-5 behind!

Not bad for somebody with no writing experience or roadmap, right? 🤷‍♀️

And get this – that was over FIVE years ago. And since then…

Freelance writing opportunities have soared!
Just look at the facts:

This high demand for writers means you have the ability to earn significantly more as a freelance writer.

And think about this:

Most people (let alone busy business owners) see writing as an undesirable task!

In fact, many straight-up say they’re bad at writing and avoid it altogether.

This applies to entrepreneurs and business owners as well, many of whom simply don’t have the time to write… aren’t any good at it… or don’t have enough cash to staff a permanent writer.

But for many reasons, they’ll hire a freelancer to write for them no prob (not dealing with benefits is just one of them)! You simply come with way less strings attached compared to a regular 9-5 employee.

And here’s the kicker:

Businesses need YOUR help!

After all, who else is going to write the blog posts… the website copy… the social media posts… and a whole slew of other writing projects that businesses NEED to grow their profits? There’s no way they could write it all on their own.

And that’s where you come in.

With your writing know-how, you can take these writing projects off their plates and make their lives MUCH easier.

And what’s more… they will HAPPILY pay you to do it. What business owner wouldn’t want less tasks to do? Especially a task that most people dread doing in the first place.

So it’s win-win for everyone involved!

But there’s a catch. There are still two requirements you need to satisfy before all these overwhelmed businesses start paying you to solve their writing problems.

And those two requirements are:

  1. The desire to be a freelance writer, and
  2. The knowledge to make it happen.

Clearly you’ve got desire in spades, or you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

So that leaves us with knowledge.

What kind of knowledge do you need? The kind that helps you build a real business as a freelance writer… and lets you start making money (from home) in less than 30 days.

And luckily for you, you can get all that (plus more) here.


Alyssa Hollingsworth

“30 Days or Less was so helpful as I first dipped my toe into freelancing, and it continues to be helpful 6 months in! I’ve been blown away by how great Gina is about answering questions and guiding her clients through the journey.”

Simon Cave

“In Gina’s course you will learn everything from choosing the right freelance niche to finding clients – including the details necessary to pitch yourself effectively. This course is ideal for people who want to learn how to start freelance writing, but have no idea what steps to take to begin.”

In fact, here’s just a small morsel of what you’ll learn as you become a highly-paid freelance writer:


Ashley Trexler

“16 lessons into the 30-day course and I have two clients lined up! And one is a potentially awesome recurring gig. $500 in income in my second week of “official” freelancing. Not a bad start. Thanks, Gina!”
14 Printables + Workbooks

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30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success

$ 297
One Time Payment
  • 12 Self-paced course modules (65+ individual lessons)
  • Built in follow-up to ensure you’re on the right track!
  • 14 Customized Printables
  • Custom pitch tracker (including sites to pitch)
  • Pitch like a Boss checklist
  • Video Interviews with EXPERT professional writers crafted specifically for Horkey HandBook students
  • Lifetime access to the course with ongoing updates
  • **Optional access to our VA Leads Community that includes job postings, office hours and support. Don't forget to check the box!

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success

$ 89
+ 3 Monthly Payments of $89
  • 12 Self-paced course modules (65+ individual lessons)
  • Built in follow-up to ensure you’re on the right track!
  • 14 Customized Printables
  • Custom pitch tracker (including sites to pitch)
  • Pitch like a Boss checklist
  • Video Interviews with EXPERT professional writers crafted specifically for Horkey HandBook students
  • Lifetime access to the course with ongoing updates
  • **Optional access to our VA Leads Community that includes job postings, office hours and support. Don't forget to check the box!
Have more questons? We have answers!

Sure! There are tons of students living outside the U.S. who have built successful careers after taking 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. That’s the beauty of virtual work!

One thing to keep in mind though, is that if you want to work with English-speaking clients, you should have a sufficient handle on writing, reading and speaking English too.

It really depends on you, your schedule and your work ethic.

Some students have made their way through the course in a weekend, while for others it takes a few months. The course is self-paced, with all of the material being available to you immediately upon enrollment, so it’s really up to you!

You sure can!

I get emails each week from new students sharing their success and how they just landed their first paying gig. It makes me smile every time!

But success doesn’t come without effort…

In addition to reading the material, you’ll need to complete the action steps (each lesson includes at least one).

And while it may seem scary at first, putting yourself out there and asking to be hired via pitching (the freelance writing term for prospecting) is what’s going to get you there! You got this!

You sure can!

Checkout our growing list of student success stories here.

No – we don’t offer refunds as we’re firm believers that you “get out as much (or more!) as you put in.” Investing in yourself is an important decision – if you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself, change your current circumstances and put in the work, you’ll get results!