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What if in the next 30 DAYS you could start a successful virtual assistant business from scratch? 

Using skills you already have.

Or by learning a few new ones?

Skills like:

  •  Social media management  
  •  Email management 
  •  Project management 
  •  Content production 
  •  And more! 

With a bit of sweat equity, you can!

There are literally millions of businesses that need help from people just like you. People who can perform the tasks that they don’t have the time, desire or know-how to do and who can help them maintain or grow their companies in a very specific way. 

Launching your VA Biz can be overwhelming and confusing. But it doesn't need to be!

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success will eliminate the guesswork involved in launching (and growing) your successful virtual assistant business.

 We'll walk you, step-by-step through the entire process. From business foundations to selecting your niche to pitching clients. Throw in a little bit of determination you'll be up and running before you know it.

"Thank you for this wonderful course - I learned so, so much! Becoming a VA is new to me and your course taught me step-by-step everything I needed to know to become a successful VA. I don’t believe I could have found a better course (or teacher) to learn from. Everything was so detailed oriented and easy-to-understand. 

I also want to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into the spreadsheets, worksheets, checklists, example letters and email responses, enhanced resources, templates and so on. So much valuable information! Seriously, you leave no room for excuses on why someone shouldn’t be able to become a successful VA." ~Tammy Knight, 30DOL Alumn

"In 2014, I was tired of the corporate 9-5 grind and desperate for a career change. I wanted the ability to work from anywhere, spend more time with my family and replace my cushy and dependable salary in personal finance."

My personal story is not that unusual...

In early 2014, I (Gina Horkey) didn’t even know that working online as a virtual assistant was a thing. Suffice it to say, my entire world opened up when I found out! 

I didn’t understand that people just like you and me were able to build sustainable businesses helping other small business owners from afar and get paid hundreds or thousands of dollars each month in the process. 

You mean I could work from anywhere in the world (in my yoga pants) if I wanted? Without having to join a MLM, sell my soul or go back to school to get another degree?  

Heck yeah, sign me up! 

You see, I was desperate for a career change and to find some type of work that I was passionate about. But as the breadwinner of our young family of four I was a bit leery. Could this new-fangled online business schtick really work for me? 

Could it really replace my cushy and dependable salary in personal finance?

The only way I could find out was to give it a shot.

So I did.

  • I started my business in May of 2014, secured my first freelance client (and paycheck) within a month and hustled to keep building it from there.
  • Within six months I was earning $4,000 per month on the side of my full-time job - with a baby and toddler in tow.
  • And within eight months of looking into this online business thing, I had quit my job and left the 9-5 behind!

Was it scary? Heck yes! 

But that’s why I started my business as a side hustle first to validate the concept. And that’s what I’d recommend that you do as well. 

Maybe you’re just looking to pull in a little extra income into your household?

That’s cool, this course will work for you too!

Why not YOU? Why not NOW?

Virtual assistants ARE in demand.

It's true!

Did you know:

  • There has been a 95% increase in demand for VAs in the last three years? 
  • The average North American virtual assistant earns $35 to $50 per hour (with some going as low as $25 per hour and others as high as $100 per hour)? 
  • A recent survey by Upwork shows 69% are happier freelancing than working in a regular office-based position?

Make sense though, right?

With technology advancements, businesses are more comfortable than ever working virtually. 

They’re open to (and in some cases prefer) hiring contractors, freelancers and the like. It saves them a crapload of money (think benefits, employment taxes, etc.) and time when it comes to training a new employee. 

So why wouldn’t the need be increasing? 

As a virtual assistant, you'll help real business owners solve real challenges. At the same time, you'll be building a sustainible service-based business for yourself. 

I needed a VA to help with a product launch. I only had 2 weeks until launch and was looking for immediate help. Horkey Handbook came through and saved the day! I received multiple high quality applications – and hired someone within a few days. The VA I worked with was amazing… she kept me sane during my launch, completed all tasks AHEAD of time, and went above and beyond in numerous ways (including making insightful suggestions for my next launch). I can’t recommend Gina’s Virtual Assistant Finder enough!” ~ Sally Miller

"I got a paid interview for the VERY FIRST VA job I applied for, and within three days was awarded the position! Even though everything he asked me to do was new to me, he was fine with me learning as I went. It's a win/win - he gets someone he can mold and I get to learn new skills while getting paid! As a bonus, I'll make enough from him alone to basically make my monthly budget, allowing me to make extra money throughout the month or just pursue my own interests." ~Caylie Martin, 30DOL Alumn

"I finished the course late in the day yesterday. You’ve done an excellent job of educating, making sure we grasped the concepts by adding the quizzes at the end and giving us actionable steps to start our own VA career. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough for all of the obvious hard work you have put into your course to help people like me move forward. I have subscribed to other communities and courses in the past, but none have provided the “how to” like 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success!" ~Joan Garder, 30DOL Alumn

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success will walk you, step-by-step through the process of launching and growing your VA biz.

Here's what you'll learn inside the course:

Build your VA foundation — including getting your mind right, further defining what a VA is and looking at both the benefits of working with and becoming a virtual assistant.

Launch your VA business — including choosing your target market, honing in on your service offerings, deciding what to call yourself and writing your VA resume.

Dive deep into three VA services you can offer — including email management, social media management and content management.

How to make money as a VA — including setting your rates, transitioning to a retainer model, basic business financial components, offering packages and more!

Establishing your online presence — including whether or not you need a blog, how to setup a newsletter optin box and how to acquire testimonials.

Where to source VA clients — including your natural market, social media, networking best practices and more!

All things pitching — including templates to use, pitching best practices, etc. 

How to interview and get hired — including how online interviews differ from Corporate America, tips and tricks and how to follow up.

How to manage your VA business — including learning about contracts, onboarding new clients and parting ways with those that are no longer a fit.

Build effective relationships with your clients — including starting with a trial period, knowing your client, scope creep and much, much more!

Interviews with niche experts — Learn insider tips and tricks from niche experts who have already built successful businesses.

Optional access to our exclusive community — course participants and alumni are invited to join our monthly membership community.

Not satisfied? 

If within 7 days you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, just drop us a line and we’ll process your refund. 

We just ask that you don’t make your way through the entire course and ask for a refund after you’ve learned what you need to know - that’s just not nice and it’s technically stealing! ;-)

Note: Digital downloads are non-refundable (pitching templates and contracts)

Launch your virtual assistant biz TODAY and get access to all future course updates. 

One-Time Payment

$247 x 1 Payment

  • 13 self-paced modules containing 58+ lessons and over 145 minutes of video content
  • End of module quizzes to make sure it all sinks in
  • A checklist of action steps for each module
  • Access to 25+ enhanced trainings and templates
  • A final exam to test your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion
  • Increased self-confidence!
  • Optional Private membership group access

Payment Plan

$117 + 2 Payments of $77

  • 13 self-paced modules containing 58+ lessons and over 145 minutes of video content
  • End of module quizzes to make sure it all sinks in
  • A checklist of action steps for each module
  • Access to 25+ enhanced trainings and templates
  • A final exam to test your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion
  • Increased self-confidence!
  • Optional Private membership group access

"I'm currently in Module 8 of the course and absolutely loving it! Between the incredible resources (including helpful templates!) and the supportive membership group, taking this course is one of the best decisions I've ever made!" ~Zain Gaziani

Have more questons? We have answers!

I'm embarrassed to ask, but what exactly is a VA?

Don’t be embarrassed! VA stands for virtual assistant and basically means that you’re helping someone out from afar. I.e. You have a service to offer, they are in need of your service and you make a deal to trade time (or task) for pay. 

There are TONS of services that can fall under the VA or virtual assistant umbrella – including services like social media, email or blog management, graphic creation, accounting… the list goes on!

I have a day job - can I still build a VA business in the evenings?

You bet! Most tasks aren't time-sensitive, so you can do them on your time, around your current 9-5, your family, etc.  

You might end up working with clients all over the world that are in completely different time zones. Both of my VAs are overseas right now, for example and it works great!

Will this course work for me if I don't live in the United States?  

Sure! There are tons of students living outside the U.S. who have built successful careers after taking 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. That's the beauty of virtual work! 

One thing to keep in mind though, is that if you want to work with English-speaking clients, you should have a sufficient handle on writing, reading and speaking English too. 

How long does it take to finish the course?

It really depends on you, your schedule and your work ethic.

Some students have made their way through the course in a weekend, while for others it takes a few months. The course is self-paced, with all of the material being available to you immediately upon enrollment, so it’s really up to you!

Can I really find success within 30 days?

You sure can! 

I get emails each week from new students sharing their successes and how they just landed their first paying gig. And it makes me smile every time!

But success doesn’t come without effort...

In addition to reading the material, you’ll need to complete the action steps (each lesson includes at least one). 

And while it may seem scary at first, putting yourself out there and asking to be hired via pitching (the freelancing term for prospecting) is what’s going to get you there! You got this!

Still on the fence?

Checkout our growing list of student success stories here.

A step-by-step learning path that results in a rapid return on your investment.