5,000 Student Giveaway

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We’ve done it!

We’ve reached another major milestone!

Horkey HandBook has over 5,000 students in just five years!

How are we going to celebrate?


We aren’t kidding! This giveaway is so big you’ll be telling all your friends about it!

The 5,000 Student Giveaway includes EVERY course we’ve ever created.

Who should enter this giveaway?

Anyone who wants to start or scale a virtual assistant business. 👊

What’s included in the giveaway?

Enough resources to start a virtual assistant business, learn new skills so you can niche down or scale it later on into an Agency. 

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Will you split the prizes?

Nope, one winner will get all of our courses PLUS a 30-minute coaching call with Gina, three months of access to our VA Leads Community where we connect virtual assistants with clients looking for their help. The winner will also get our client contract template.

Total value = $1,977! 🤯

What courses are included in the giveaway?

  • 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success
  • 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success
  • Project Management for Virtual Assistants
  • Email Management for Virtual Assistants
  • Real Estate for Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Assistant Agency

Can you tell me more about these courses? 

Sure! Here’s how these courses will help you get started. 

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success ($397 value)

This is our flagship course, and the one you should start with if you haven’t run an online business before.

We teach you everything you need to know to set up an online business, establish a professional online presence and find clients willing to pay for your VA services. Access to this course also includes 90 days of free access to our VA Leads community and 

 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success ($197 value)

Knowing how to write for the internet is such a useful skill. In this course, the original 30 Days or Less course, written by Gina herself, we teach you how to decide on what types of writing to focus on, find paying work, send cold pitches, build out your writer’s website— including learning where to display your portfolio, perfecting your five “must-have” pages, growing your blog and collecting your first few testimonials.

We also cover how to start promoting your new business— including setting up and using social media, branding out your new business and protecting yourself online.

Email Management for Virtual Assistants ($197 value)

Rachel Severns, the co-creator of this course and an experienced VA, will teach you how to optimize email to help clients break the cycle of non-productive email habits. You’ll get access to templates, printables and resources to help you begin your email management journey.

You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of email management— including initial assessment, purging, labels, filters, Gmail settings and Trello basics. We also cover how to look for opportunities, effective pricing options and how to overcome challenges.

Project Management for Virtual Assistants ($197 value)

Hailey Thomas, an experienced project manager who transitioned to working online as a VA,  wrote this course to help other VAs break into this very profitable niche.

You’ll learn from Hailey how to package and sell project management as a service, how to position your skills accordingly, and how to walk a client from project idea to completion. After implementing the information from this course, you will feel confident to go after PM clients and meet their business needs.  


Real Estate for Virtual Assistants ($197 value)

What’s special about this course is that it’s written in partnership with a real estate virtual assistant AND her realtor client. In 24+ lessons, you’ll get insight from both a licensed realtor and his current REVA about how you can target this profitable niche.

The course covers things such as essential real estate terminology, new listing coordination, client communication, and effective social media strategies for realtors.  

Virtual Assistant Agency ($297 value)

This is an advanced course for VAs who feel that they’ve reached capacity in how much work they can take on as an individual VA, but want to keep serving more clients and earn more money. They may even want to offer additional services without having to become an  expert. Mallory has been through this journey of growing a VA gig into a full agency (with 5 VAs under her wing), and she’s sharing the steps she took to make this happen. This course will help you skip the headache and go straight for the results. 


Client Contract Template ($49 value)

This fully customizable contract template will help you look professional and hit the ground running with your new virtual assistant business from Day 1!

Master the Art of Pitching ($48 value)

Not sure how to pitch your services? This startup bundle includes 9 plug-and-play pitching templates, plus an accompanying “over the shoulder” tutorial video by Gina!

30-minute Coaching Call with Gina Horkey ($250 value)

A one-to-one conversation with an experienced online entrepreneur to ask the really important questions for your business. You’ll get personalized advice and a healthy dose of motivation to get started on your VA journey. 

Do these prizes sound good to you? You can enter the giveaway until July 31st at 11:45 CDT.


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