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What’s an affiliate?

Basically, an affiliate is someone that decides to promote someone else’s (in this case my) products or services in exchange for a commission (or payout) on every sale. 🙌

I.e. Share my really cool content that helps people –> they buy –> dinero in your pocket.


Interested in becoming a Horkey HandBook affiliate?

Badass! We 💖 you bunches. And we’ll pay you for being so awesome!

Fill out the form below to apply and/or keep reading for the down and dirty deets.

Please note: We manually review and approve each affiliate based upon their application and we don’t approve everyone. You’ll receive an email once we’ve had a chance to look at your application. If you are approved you’ll be asked to enter your information in our affiliate portal and tell us where to send your moolah. We review all applications as quickly as possible – no need to apply twice, just hold those horses.

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What products are currently available for promotion?

 Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Business (in 4 simple steps!) – our $19 entry-point product, which allows students to invest less than twenty bucks, an hour of their time and leave knowing whether or not becoming a VA is right for them! 👊

✅ The #FullyBookedVA System – our all-in-one membership solution to help folks start, build and scale virtual assistant businesses from scratch. Students start with our VA Foundations course to lay the groundwork for their business while gaining access to live weekly group coaching sessions, peer-to-peer support and more via our community.

Once they’ve completed the course and passed the final exam, they’ll become Horkey HandBook VA-Certified, unlock access to proprietary and non-proprietary client leads that they can pitch and five skills courses – starting them down the road of specialization and commanding higher rates. 🤩

Lastly, members will be able to choose one of five specialization tracks to get paired with a mentor, receive monthly training to dive deeper and gain access to their own private community with like-minded peers in their same track.

Pricing for the #FullyBooked System is currently $497 (or three payments of $199) for 90 days with the opportunity to keep going at $99/month or $597/year.

What’s the payout like and when are payouts made?

What’s the easiest way to promote our products?

Rather then sending people directly to the course sales pages, it makes more sense to direct them to either our pillar posts or freebie optin pages.

Why? Well, it’s easier to send someone to an epic piece of content, get them to optin and later convert (as appropriate), rather than to a sales page asking them to part with a couple hundred bucks. We’re in the “courting” business here. 😉

  • Write a blog post about your experience with any of our products and publish it on your website (or as a guest post).
  • Interview Gina Q&A style (written, audio or video).
  • Let’s run a special promotion that you can email your list about (we might even hook you up with a coupon code!).
  • Promote via the many social media methods.
  • Host a giveaway (which we’ll sponsor with your course of choice).

Where can you find your affiliate links?

In the Affiliate Center. Once we’ve approved your application, we’ll email you the required links.

You’ll find:

Have a question or want to collaborate on any of the above promotion techniques? Let’s chat!

Happy selling,

~Gina & Team

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