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Mallory Underwood

Gina Horkey

What is a virtual assistant agency and who should scale to one?

What it is: A team of people working under one brand as virtual assistants.

Who should scale to one: YOU! You’ve reached capacity in how much work you can take on as an individual VA but you want to serve more clients and earn more of a profit…. or you want to offer additional services without having to become the expert… or you want to land somewhere in the middle. 😉

Why not take your business to the next level and scale to an agency?

Expand your business, bring others along for the ride and help more clients.
#WinWinWin #TripleWin

By scaling your VA business to an agency, you’ll get to:

  • Help more clients who are in desperate need of your assistance to create their ideal businesses and positively impact their communities! #RippleEffect
  • Increase your revenue and, if done correctly, increase your business’s profit.
  • Create passive income – money made by the business without you trading your time for it.
  • Expand your service offerings without having to become an expert in a new skill.
  • Contribute more significantly to your family’s monthly budget or fund your dreams (travel, RV, boat, becoming debt-free, home projects… sounds dreamy, right?).
  • Do work that resonates with you most – be selective of projects or clients you personally work with.
  • Take a second look at your business systems to ensure they’re efficient and your business practices are “healthy.”
  • Hand select the people you work with as you build a team of thought partners who can contribute and support you with your business.
  • Have the opportunity to learn even more through hiring, managing and working with team members as you step further into your role as your business’s CEO!

Is scaling to an agency the right fit for YOU? 🤔

Great question! Are you…

  • Ready to take on more clients and help them realize their dream businesses?
  • Capable of delegating tasks to others?
  • Comfortable managing others and providing feedback?
  • Organized and good at teaching or training others?
  • Okay with sharing (it’s your brand, but it’s time to share the love!)?
  • Excited to bring others in on the secret you discovered (you know… the whole working when and where you want doing something you love!)?
"I manage an agency of 15 team members – we've had revenue up to $57,000 in one month!"
Qat Wanders
VA Agency Owner

We see you 🙋🏽nodding your head while you’re reading along.

And we wrote this course with YOU in mind.

You’re already awesome and you help your clients tremendously. Through your work as a virtual assistant agency, more client lives will be changed for the better, and they’ll change more of their own customer’s lives for the better through a beautiful ripple effect. 🌈

That is… if you can figure out how to share your agency with the world.

If you ❤️ the idea of scaling your business, but worry about:

  • How to find and vet the right candidate(s)
  • Figuring out how much to pay your team and what the heck to do about taxes
  • Onboarding new team members
  • Promoting and pitching your agency to get more clients for your team member(s)
  • Managing people effectively

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

What’s this course all about?

The Virtual Assistant Agency course is ALL about starting your own VA agency.

This course teaches you everything you need to know to set yourself up to successfully bring on a new team member and take your business to the next level.

Since this course was created by a solopreneur virtual assistant who successfully scaled her business to an agency model, we’ll share all of the inside lessons learned.

Knowing that your list of options is long, we’ve made our focus with Virtual Assistant Agency really simple – to help you take action as soon as possible!

It’s what makes us stand out among the noise. 📢

We don’t want you to get started after 6 months (or years!) of studying or thinking about what launching an agency could look like.

Nope. We want you to get started NOW!

Here’s what some clients have shared about Mallory:

“Working with Mallory is an incredible gift. Her character drives her work ethic and her brains drive her ideas and efficacy. She is the person you call when you need something done right, right away. Mallory works with organizational outcomes in mind while balancing the need to serve the customer well. I highly recommend engaging Mallory’s team in any size project!”

~Amy Kwas, Vice President of Development, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Working with Mallory and her team has been such a wonderful experience. She’s the kind of person I can just hand things off to without any explanation and she asks all the right questions to make sure she gets it right. I was nervous to work with someone remotely, but she came so highly recommended that I had to try working with her. I’m so glad I did because now I get more done and don’t have to worry about the details.”

~Lauren Caselli, Creative Director, Lauren Caselli Events

Here's what this course will teach you:

  • What scaling means, why you should do it and how to determine when is the right time for you to take the next step
  • How to find candidates, interview and hire your first team member
  • Tips to calculate how much to pay your team member and what the heck to do about taxes when it isn’t just you anymore
  • Ways to promote and pitch like an agency to secure more clients
  • Onboarding best practices for getting your new team member up to speed
  • Managing tactics including what to do when things don’t work out with your team member (eventually it will happen, #realworld)

Can I really make the transition from virtual assistant to agency owner?

You can! It still sounds like a lot of work, right?

It is, but if you put in the effort initially, the foundation will enable you to replicate your efforts again and again as you continue to successfully scale your agency. This means the sky’s the limit on how much you can grow!

I enrolled in 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success and then started my business in the fall of 2017. By the beginning of December I began working with my first client. Although I was shooting for being able to quit my 9-to-5 within eight months (the goal being not to have to put my son in aftercare when he started Kindergarten!), work quickly picked up. By February, I made the decision to leave and work on my new VA business full-time.

I had been working part-time every evening and a lot of weekends since the fall to build the business. Between growing my business and doing client work, I was burning out fast — my kids were 4 and 1 when I started all this, so yeah, they needed my attention, too.

I had about half of my salary coming in each month, and I had three months of VA wages built up from working part-time, so I took the plunge and decided to focus on my budding business full-time.

It was the best decision I’ve made professionally, albeit scary and vulnerable as hell!

Launching My Agency

Once I was working full-time on my business, I was able to quickly build up my clientele. 

And before I knew it, I again became maxed out on my available time. I didn’t want to give up evenings and weekends again… that wasn’t the point in starting all this in the first place. But, and here’s the catch, I didn’t feel like I was making a big enough impact or helping enough people. I felt like there was something more — something was missing!

In the summer of 2018, I brought on two team members to help handle client work and before you know it, they were taking over full client accounts.

Fast forward to today… I now have five project manager VAs helping me with my business. My profits are increasing WITHOUT having to spend more time on my business or sacrifice weekends/time with my family.

In 2019, my average monthly NET PROFIT has increased by $2,000.

I learned A LOT during the process of launching my agency and ALL of those lessons are right here in this course – YOU can benefit from them and shorten your learning curve in the process of building your own VA agency.

"January 2019 was our best month by far – the agency had a net profit of $8,460!"
Mallory Underwood
Virtual Assistant Agency Owner

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Virtual Assistant Agency

A course for VAs who want to scale their business and leverage their time!
$ 297
  • Lifetime access to the self-paced course material (available 24/7!)
  • 26+ lessons taking you step-by-step through the process of launching your agency
  • Clearly defined action items at the end of each lesson
  • Specific tactics to help you figure out what to pay team members
  • Copy and strategy on how to transition clients from working with you to working with your team
  • Additional resources, tools and checklists ready for you to use in your own business!

Questions & Answers

Great question! If you haven’t worked successfully as a VA in the past, then we suggest starting with our flagship course on the topic, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success.

30DOL will help you to lay the foundation for a successful VA business, allowing you to hit the ground running when learning and offering this new service.

So in essence, 30DOL teaches you how to start a VA biz from scratch and Virtual Assistant Agency teaches you how to transition from VA to agency owner.

This course was written based upon personal experiences.

After successfully launching her VA business, Mallory quickly realized she was maxed out on time. She then made the decision to transition to an agency model and successfully launched her own agency. All the while, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Mallory has now brought on five team members to help grow her business and as a result, her average monthly profit for 2019 has increased by $2,000. With hard work, you can increase yours as well!

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what clients have to say about her and her team:

“Mallory and her team have been extremely responsive and thorough with my requests. I feel confident when I hand things off to them, they’ll get done correctly and in a timely fashion. They’re able to handle a good range of work, too. I’ve been especially pleased with their assistance in creating new automated workflows in my CRM.”

Lisa Mullis, Owner, Paraphrase Communications

“After a disappointing experience with a VA staffing firm, I thought I’d never find anyone I trusted enough to help run the back end of my agency. But, when Mallory started Hartewood Professionals, I jumped at the chance to hire her. I had a gut feeling that the compassion, commitment, and organization I’d witnessed in her personal life would carry over to her professional endeavors–and it has.

I can finally delegate tasks that have been taking my time away from clients and creative for years. The best part is 100% trusting Mallory to stay on top of things, be transparent, and delightful to work with day-in and day-out.”

~Nicole Ross, Owner, Creative Quarterback

Bringing on team members to work as an agency will help more business owners fuel their dreams!

Mallory enrolled in 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success in July 2017. She was active in the corresponding community, which lead to Mallory and Gina connecting over post comments and during Office Hours calls.

Eventually, Gina asked if Horkey HandBook could feature Mallory’s success story on its blog and also had her write this case study about offering customer experience services as a VA.

Now, they’ve partnered together again to create this course, and it’s a good one!

All of our skills courses contain proprietary and skill-specific information. Refunds are not available and all sales are final.