Student Success Story: Erika Schanzenbach

Name: Erika Schanzenbach

Short bio: Graphic designer turned small-business sidekick.

Location: Abingdon, Virginia, USA


Date hired by first client: March 2018, three weeks after starting the course.

Return on investment: 48 days after enrolling in Gina’s course!

Average hours worked per week: 30(ish)

Average monthly income: $2000- $3000

Services offered: Graphic design and typesetting, content management, admin assistance

Hi, Erika. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Currently my 40th birthday is staring me down and I don’t intend to flinch.

My next decade is going to be my best yet. Ha, take that big 4-0!

But seriously, I am a long time graphic designer with a love of the written word. I went to tech college to study electronic publishing and then I worked for many years doing layout design and typesetting for magazines and books along with managing blog content.

I never felt comfortable in the traditional career box.

I was homeschooled in the 80s when homeschooling was hardly a thing, by a stay-at-home mom and a dad who ran his own small business. My childhood taught me a lot about hard work and personal responsibility, as well as prioritizing things of lasting importance rather than seeking immediate gratification.

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Student Success Story: Sierra Schmidt

Name: Sierra Schmidt Short bio: Stay-at-home mom (to three kiddos) turned Pinterest virtual assistant Location: California (USA) Website: Date hired by first client: October 1st, 2018 Return on course investment: October 3rd, 2018 Average hours worked per week: 12 Average monthly income: $1400 Services offered: Pinterest management, email management, …

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