7 Days or Less to Branded Website Success – Day 1

We know you’re excited, so let’s get rolling with day one.

Today is about laying a strong foundation – completing all the required steps so that you can actually get started building out your website.

Step 1: Pick Your Domain Name (Website URL)

I know this is something that has been on your mind for quite some time. In our experience, most people spend way too much time trying to figure out the perfect domain name (website url).

Instead of driving yourself crazy over the right name, here’s what we recommend you do:

  1. Keep it as simple as possible.
  2. If your first and last name is available (i.e. ginahorkey.com), considering starting with that.
  3. If your name isn’t available (and you have no other good ideas), then follow it up with the words “writer” or “VA.”

Spend no more than 30 minutes on this process.

Why? We’re firm believers that the effort you put into marketing yourself and “getting your name out there” will far outweigh the perfect name. I.e. You can brand any name with enough grit and motivation.

Make a list of five potential combinations and pick one. If you’re really stuck on making a decision, create a poll on Facebook (and in the private course communities if you’re a part of 30DOL) and ask for feedback.

You can check for domain availability here.

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