Get started with this 19-page workbook TODAY!

The Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Biz workbook will help you to:

Hone in on your most profitable niches. Not sure what to write about? Don't worry, in lesson one we'll walk you through exactly how to decide on your top 2-3 freelance writing niches.

Write your first sample from scratch. The easiest way to start building your writing portfolio is by creating your first few samples in the niches you want to get paid to write about - learn exactly how in lesson two!

Create your online portfolio. Let's face it, you need an internet homebase to display your newly created writing samples and a way for potential clients to get in touch. In lesson three we'll walk you through exactly how to establish yours!

Put yourself out there as a writer for hire. You're not going to get very far if you don't start putting yourself out there and prospecting for clients. In lesson four, we'll show you exactly how to do that (including swipe copy you can use!).

Start each workday off with your MIT (most important task). Your new writing business is a business, not a hobby. So you need to treat it as such! In lesson five, we'll teach you exactly how to start each day off on the right foot.

Plus THREE BONUSES to show you where to look for clients, what to say to them and a tool to keep track of it all!