Start Your Own VA Biz Giveaway!

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Update: This giveaway has ended. Thank you all for participating!

Have you been dreaming about having your own virtual assistant biz, but haven’t quite taken that first step yet?

Well, NOW is your chance!

Horkey HandBook wants to help YOU rock your own virtual assistant biz this year with an EPIC giveaway!

We’ve hosted ~5 giveaways in the last five years, but somehow we missed last year. 🤦‍♀️ No worries though – we have you EXTRA covered this year!!

[giveaway id=17431]

Who would benefit?

Anyone that wants to start/scale a virtual assistant business.

While a couple of items might have a “girly” feel, this giveaway is NOT just for women. If you’re a dude that doesn’t care about face care, donate those items to the lucky lady in your life.

Talk about DOUBLE WIN! 😂

What’s included?

Enough resources to start that VA biz and a few of my other favorite things totaling $767 – a totally legit value, fyi!


  • Complimentary enrollment in our flagship course, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success – it’s recently been completely revamped and now includes 90 days of website hosting (through Flywheel) AND 3 months of membership to our VA Leads Community (you might meet your first client there!). $397 value
  • 30 minutes of one-on-one time with one of your favorite people – ME! We can chat about any part of your biz or personal life (your choice!). $250 value
  • Harpeth Trading journal (purchased from my BFF Kristin!) to be filled with your kickass biz ideas, inspiring quotes and a record of your wins! $26 value*
  • 18-count retractable gel ink pens (in all of my favorite colors!) – so you can fill out that journal yo! Worried about mistakes? Don’t be, they’re erasable! $18 value*
  • Girl Wash Your Face book by Rachel Hollis – I’m mid-read and this book will inspire to kick the lies you’ve been telling yourself and instead live your most badass life! $14 value*
  • Dermal collagen face mask set – to pamper yourself after a busy day (and super successful!) day. $12 value*
  • Basket of scrumptious lavender products (team member Marcie’s personal creation/side hustle!), because who doesn’t need a little relaxation in their lives?! $50 value

*These products can also be found in Horkey HandBook’s Amazon Shop

The Start Your Own VA Biz Giveaway has everything you need to start off on the right foot and succeed in 2019! $767 in prizes just for YOU! 🎉

What are you waiting for? ENTER TODAY!

42 thoughts on “Start Your Own VA Biz Giveaway!”

  1. I was recently involved in pedestrian vs auto, as me being the pedestrian. Before the accident I was an ER tech for 12 years. Being laid up in the hospital bed and trying to figure out what job can i do how will i pay the bills and started researching being a virtual assistant and found what i thought would be great after this accident. This would be perfect for my family and myself.

  2. Wow…this is AWESOME! I’ve been thinking about starting a VA business for years but never knew how to start. This is the complete package!

  3. As a dedicated financial service professional I have decided to take the LEAP & become a Virtual Assistant. As you know Gina…as a client service associate multi tasking is our specialty!! I have been out of work since Nov & trying to build a business with no incoming $$ is hard, I could really use the giveaway to get myself, my family & a new business a fresh start!!

  4. I am so excited that I found your web site!!
    I recently purchased the email VA program and now hoping to win you VA Success Course.

  5. I’m entering for my sister. She unknowingly trained her replacement, a voice recognition software person at the hospital where she’d been a transcriptionist for more than 11 years. She took it very personally. It’s a small-town hospital. Finally, she took a very popular online course in medical coding, which promised to help with job placement. At the time, they had a contract with a company willing to hire newly-licensed coders. That fell through, so after 2 years of blood, sweat, and tears she has been unable to find work as a coder! She’s an extremely hard worker, and doesn’t struggle much with distractions. I think this course is perfect for her. But, she’s very skeptical that it could happen for her with all she’s been through. She’s currently working at home as a customer service agent and hates it so much. She deserves a wonderful, legitimate program like this to rebuild her confidence.

  6. I’m in the super early stages of planning my business and currently reading Girl, Wash your Face so i was so pumped to get your email about the giveaway this morning! I’m so excited!! While it would be amazing to win, either way I’m working on rearranging some things financially and then I CANNOT WAIT to enroll in this course!! In the meantime, I’ll be stalking the blog as usual 🙂 I’m coming for you Horkey, LETS DO THIS!! #2019grindtime #dontstopgetitgetit

  7. This would be awesome for me I am currently trying to start freelance writing and offering virtual assistant services to help contribute to the household finances. I recently came home to take care of our 3 small children and it is hard for me to not have an income and the challenge of solving problems every day!

  8. This would be awesome for me. I am unable to make my ends meet. Sometimes my bills get paid and sometimes they don’t. I would love to do able to win and use this business to change my life and be able to potentially change my family’s life.

  9. Awesome – how generous! I have been researching VA courses a lot in the last couple of weeks and am excited to make 2019 a year of change and forward motion. This would be such an amazing start! And how perfect the giveaway date is March 4th…my birthday!! (Gina, I live “down the street” from Wyoming in Blaine. Small world.). Fingers crossed…here’s hoping!

  10. Reading all of these comments, wow… I feel so much for so many of you and I wish you all to bust through any finance blocks! Doing the work over here too 😉
    I don’t know how Gina & team can do it any other way than randomly selecting someone, otherwise it would be emotionally heartbreaking, i’d want to gift it to everybody!
    It’s beautiful to see so many women rising up, taking matters into their own hands and changing the way the world goes round.

  11. I’m 62 years old with a lot of administrative experience and I’m looking for an interesting role I can do from home -southern CA rush hour traffic is miserable! This looks like a great option for me!

  12. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Down to my last dollar. After that I have nothing left of what little my husband left me before he died. I’m ready for some good news.

  13. I’m a grad of the 30DOL VA course and just celebrated my 1-year anniversary of starting my VA business. I would love to be able to gift the class to my BFF. She’s been a slave to retail her whole adult life and would be an amazing VA!

  14. Honestly, I would be extremely happy to just win the course. I want to start a VA biz but can’t afford the course unless I make some money first. Winning it would be amazing!

  15. This would absolutely turn my entire life around! I have been trying to learn everything that I can without actually taking any courses. All of the courses are just not in my budget at all at this point. So, I haven’t really had any actual help with getting everything up & going. I know that a huge issue is my self esteem & not believing that I can actually do this for myself. I get so excited when I think about getting my very first client. I feel like I’ve been living in the dark for so many years. But, when I heard that I could actually become a Virtual Assistant, the sun suddenly started to shine through. I am so close & I know that you being so generous & offering this amazing gift, could ultimately boost me & my life where I can finally feel the full Sunshine🌞

  16. This is exciting! I’ve been looking into starting a VA biz for a while, and this would really help me jumpstart the process. There are very few jobs in my area, so working from home is becoming a necessity. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  17. Would definitely love the opportunity to learn how to start a VA business along with financial freedom. I’m sure the lucky winner will truly benefit from such a bonus filled package giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!!

  18. Gina you are too generous! This would be the greatest toolkit to have as I’m starting my own boutique skincare business online. Coming from an Aesthetic background myself I was searching for “the best” anti-aging products available. But, so many are priced out of reach for us regular people. So, since I’ve been exposed to formulating skincare, why not create custom skincare products that we can afford to continue using as a regular skincare regime. I could go on and on … and, on. This would be perfect! Thank you for giving us all a chance to win this package.

  19. Having to retire early due to my Husband’s health issues. Looking for something I can do from home to earn a paycheck and this sounds perfect. Winning this would really help get me going…… Thank you for your generous offer………..

  20. Struggling to get going so that I can retire. Winning would be absolutely wonderful! Thank you for having this giveaway. I wish everybody luck!

  21. I’ve been very reluctant to start my own business as a VA, afraid of failing, but this year I decided that i’ll never know if i’ll be successful or not if I don’t even try. I hope I am able to win this giveaway!

  22. I hope I win. I’ve been battling cancer and can no longer work a traditional job.

    Winning this would be a blessing to me in multiple ways as I love Pinterest and would LOVE to learn how to turn that love into a business.

  23. Gina, you made my day! I really want to do something profitable, knowing it last long. Am actually doing nothing and tired for seeking work from home jobs. Thank you for your consideration. I hope and pray that I will win.

  24. I like everyone here has good reasons and dreams of winning. I’m a senior looking for my now to be even better than my working years so I may help my son who I live with being a widow and give back to others in my community. My son like so many here has some PTSD and also supports me without grudges. My car broke down going home for a parents funeral and now I don’t drive anywhere and just need to be busy and productive. I do volunteer with some organizations online.
    I’m no better than others here, just like them praying to win the course free and I’m sure would help others also after they or I earned some money. Thanks for the contest and giving back.

  25. I would have loved to win this…of course! But, I have pretty everything I need for now, maybe I’ll still take the Email Management course. 🙂 If I won this, I would ‘donate’ to someone who really could use the help! Well, I would probably keep the lavender soap basket. 🙂

  26. I would love to win! How do I win? Is it as simple as leaving a post down here? I have been all over your website and read just about everything. I am still on the fence about what to specialize i (bookkeeping, blog management, or maybe even email managment, if there is enough work). Winning the course would be an answer to a prayer.

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