Student Income Report Series: Meet Intermediate VA Natalie Keifer

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We’re starting off a brand new series here at Horkey HandBook!

We’ll be following along with three super-motivated VAs in different stages of their businesses – beginner, intermediate and advanced – who are willing to share their journeys and income with us.

Why share their income you ask? Great question! Gina shared her income reports for the first two and a half years of her VA journey – she stopped as her business model changed and they were no longer relatable to newer virtual assistants.

We know that income reports are still super motivating and encouraging to read though, so we’re bringing them back! In this series, we’ll learn about where each of our VAs are at in their business journey and their plans for getting results in the coming months.

We looked for candidates SERIOUS about kicking butt and taking names as virtual assistants. That includes everything from landing just a few clients, to making an extra $500+ per month and running a full-time VA business, possibly scaling to an agency model over time.

Success comes in all shapes and sizes, and everyone’s journey is unique! This week we’ll hear from Natalie Keifer… get ready!

Hi Natalie! Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Keifer. Signing up for 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success and becoming a VA has totally changed my life!

I had always wanted to be a teacher – I loved to learn and communicate with others, so teaching seemed like a natural fit. I went to college to pursue a career in education, and it became expensive fast! I quickly started racking up student debt, and realized that teaching wasn’t going to pay my bills

I didn’t finish school, and kept my job at the daycare I’ve worked at since high school. I started to feel like I had no sense of purpose, though.

One day at work, my coworker told me I’d make a great assistant. She hated making phone calls, so I’d make them for her! I started researching online to see if I could do this kind of work virtually.

That’s when I came across Horkey HandBook! I started to read student success stories and realized – this was something I could totally see myself doing!

I could quickly see that real people were making income from this. After lots of research and talking to my husband, I decided to take the plunge and jump into 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success.

As soon as I started the course I fell in love! I learned so much in such a short amount of time. The materials are very well thought out and organized, and it was easy to follow along. 

“I’ve been given a new sense of purpose, and every day I wake up loving what I do! I’m also making more income with my VA business than I make at my part time job. That is a huge win!”

How did you get your VA business started?

I finished 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success in two weeks and started to pitch every single day. I joined Facebook groups to network and started reaching out to potential clients. 

Three weeks after I started the course, someone messaged me after seeing a comment I made in a Facebook group and asked me to manage their social media marketing. I was interviewed and hired – all through a Facebook messenger conversation!

I’m still working with this client, and we have a really great working relationship. And, because of this client I was able to make back what I paid for the course within three weeks of starting it! 

During that time I also landed a small job writing copy for a website. It was a one-off project, but it was great to get the practice and it meant that within four weeks I had not only paid off the cost of the course but was now making actual income from doing VA work.

How did your VA business grow from there?

A month after I took 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, I decided to take another leap and purchase the Pinterest Virtual Assistant course. Halfway through the material, I landed a client in Australia looking for someone to manage her Pinterest page.

This would be my second retainer client in just two months!

I also recently pitched a lead in the VA Leads Community group and got the job! This is a writing gig, and I’m really excited for the opportunity because I love to write.

Also super exciting – this new client asked for references and one of my current clients sent them a glowing one. It made me feel so great, and even more confident about my work!

Tell us a bit about your business now:

I can say to you with full confidence that the training I received with Horkey HandBook’s courses and materials gave me all the tools necessary for success.

I’ve been given a new sense of purpose, and every day I wake up loving what I do! I’m also making more income with my VA business than I make at my part-time job. That is a huge win!

“…within four weeks I had not only paid off the cost of the course, but was now making actual income from doing VA work.

What are your goals?

My short-term goal:

  • To make $2,000 per month within the next six months. I think I’ll achieve this goal sooner than that since I’m halfway there now.

How I’m going to get there:

My plan of attack is to raise my rates with my current clients by either taking on more work, or increasing my rate when our six-month contract renewals come up. I’m also going to pitch five days a week and continuously source potential new clients.

My long-term goal:

  • Within a year, I would like to be making $4,000 a month.

My goal for this month:

I have a clear goal for September!

  • Add an additional client for Pinterest management services.

How I’m going to make it happen:

I plan to achieve this goal by pitching potential clients every day that look like they’d benefit from a Pinterest presence. I’ll also be pitching any leads like this that come up in our VA Leads Community Facebook group.

These are my invoices from August, 2019! So, you can see where I’m starting from for this Student Income Report Series.

What’s working well in your business?

I’ve found a lot of success in Facebook groups, and I’m going to keep networking there!

I’ve also had great success doing video pitches. My most recent clients have both told me that they were initially interested in my services because of my video pitches, so I’ll be pitching all potential clients this way in the future.

I’ll also continue my weekly emails to my clients keeping them up to date on my tasks. They’ve all commented that they like these!

Lastly, my social media client is adding tasks to my workload, so we’re going to increase my rate. This is great because I love this client, and really like that I’ll have the opportunity to do more for her.

Any challenges in reaching your goals?

The biggest hurdle to reaching my goals is going to be balancing my part-time job with my VA business. I don’t plan on quitting my preschool job until the end of the school year, so I’ll have plenty of time to train my replacement.

What are your plans for scaling your business?

I’d like to work with my sister-in-law and subcontract some of my work out to her as I add clients. She’s willing to take on some tasks like social media scheduling and managing Tailwind, so once my workload becomes too much to handle on my own I’ll bring her on.

This is exciting because now this VA business is helping me, as well as my family.  

What else is your VA business doing for you?

I am still stunned by the amount of success I’ve had with Horkey HandBook, and am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to share with all of you how it’s changed my life.

My VA income is quickly paying off my student loans and helping to pay for our future home!

The monetary return on this investment has been great, but even more so – the sense of purpose and joy that I have with my work is even greater. I am so happy that I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Horkey HandBook courses, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Ready to kick off your virtual assistant journey like Natalie did? Get started here!

Natalie Keifer is a freelance writer, social media manager and Pinterest strategist from Pennsylvania who enjoys connecting with others. She is strong in her faith, and loves to spend time reading her Bible. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing and watching Netflix. She’s building her VA business and loves every second of it!

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