Student Income Report Series: Beginner VA Trisha Huber – Three Months In

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Welcome to another Student Income Report Series update from Horkey HandBook! In this post we’ll be catching up with beginner VA Trisha Huber.

Remember Trisha? She moved to Costa Rica with her new hubby and started her VA business there after finishing 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. While enjoying the sun and fun of Costa Rica, Trisha has been making major strides in getting her business set up, including finding those first clients. You can read more about her story here!

When we last checked in with her, Trisha had just signed on with her very first client and was hopeful about signing on with client number two. Let’s find out how she did last month! Ready?

Hi Trisha! How are things going?

Happy Holidays and Pura Vida from Costa Rica! I’m enjoying the warm weather and getting to know the friendly people here – there are so many neat customs and beautiful landscapes to take in! It feels simply amazing to live abroad and be able to build a business that supports our dream life. 

This last month I’ve had a lot to be thankful for, and I am truly blessed. I’m excited to share my big news – I’ve officially landed two clients! This is a serious game-changer for me. 

I was starting to get that feeling in the pit of my stomach – disappointment, maybe I won’t succeed…. I didn’t give up, though, have stayed the course and have been closely following Gina’s advice to network and keep on pitching.

I have a renewed confidence and am ready to take my business to the next level. Following the steps in 3o Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success really does work, and absolutely guides you in the direction of creating your own success story!

How did you land your first clients?

Okay, I want you to hear this – don’t be shy or embarrassed to put yourself out there with your friends and family! Seriously, I was reluctant and a bit nervous to post anything on social media about my new business endeavor.

It was like high school all over – the fear of rejection gets to all of us sometimes. My palms got sweaty and my heart was racing when I hit ‘send’ on my page invites, but it was well worth it! 

I created a Facebook business page, invited everyone to like it… and they did! The response from all the people I sent invites to was overwhelming. Everyone was so kind and supportive and genuinely wanted to help and see me succeed. My first client came to me as a result of doing this!

I landed my first client in October but I just started working with her last month. I’m helping her with email management and some ideas for creative pins on Pinterest to drive traffic to her company’s website. I’m working for her 5-8 hours a week and she’s paying me $125.00 per week with the understanding that I’ll be compensated for any additional time. We’ve started off on a great note and I feel like it will work out well!

As for my second client – I’ve been actively pitching on LinkedIn. I joined a few groups that are all about virtual assistants, and landed a new client through one of my groups. Pretty awesome, right?

I saw a post about seeking virtual assistant services, sent a video pitch and was immediately contacted. We met and went over the details of the position, I sent her a proposal along with my rates and we signed on to work with each other!

I’ll be taking care of email management and scheduling for this client for 5-10 hours per week at $125 per week.  

I am super excited that I have got my first two clients and now I know I’ll be able to land more!

What’s working well in your business right now?

Well, aside from sticking with Gina’s advice in the course and landing my first clients, I’ve also been implementing some of the resources from 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. For example, I used the Client Onboarding Worksheet and tweaked it to suit my needs. I’ve also used a contract, which Gina highly recommends, to protect both myself and my clients.

Using a contract establishes a professional working relationship right off the bat, fosters a clear outline of expectations and avoids unnecessary issues – especially with payment. I’m so thankful to have the knowledge from the course and start this journey with my first clients on the right foot.

I’ve also been creating some fun posts to advertise my services. These will ideally do two things – help generate interest in my services and showcase the creative skills I have that could be applied to a potential client’s business. I also love being creative and enjoy designing them!

Any challenges?

The biggest challenge I’m meeting right now is pitching my services during this time of the year – the holiday season – which means that everyone is preparing for year’s end. This also means that most business owners will not likely be too eager to hire extra help until the new year. 

That being said, it’s the perfect time to get people to pay attention as more people are spending time on social media during this time. I’m taking full advantage of this and am keeping a steady stream of pitches and posts flowing. 

Living in another country also has a few of its own challenges. I was having difficulties keeping phone calls from dropping – not so professional! I networked with some American friends here and thankfully they had the solution. This also turned out to be a success – networking created extra exposure for me, and my friends shared my business with their network. Win-win!

Catch us up on your goals:

My most immediate, short-term goal is still to earn $2,000 per month. My first two clients will bring me halfway to that goal, and that is a pretty exciting start!

I’m also hoping to land my next client by the end of this month, or at least initiate contact with interested clients for the new year. I feel like I’ve got a great start and it’s given me the drive and momentum I needed to keep pushing forward until I reach my goals! 

I’m so enjoying sharing this journey, and I can’t wait to catch everyone up next month!

Ready to kick off your virtual assistant journey like Trisha did? Get started here!

Trisha Bess is a crafty, nature loving, adventurous American living abroad in Grecia, Costa Rica with her adorable hubby and two dogs. She is currently building a premium VA business. Her background includes small business ownership, medical information technology, working as an internet analyst and quality rater and over three decades of excellent customer service experience.

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