Student Income Report Series: Intermediate VA Julie Fleischhacker – Two Months In

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Welcome to another Student Income Report Series update! This week we’re excited to hear from advanced VA Julie Fleischhacker.

Remember Julie? She left corporate America to go build her successful VA business in sunny Mexico. In last month’s update, she announced that she was picking up and moving back state-side… because she has the flexibility and freedom with her thriving business to do just that!

After taking 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, Julie is about a year into her adventures as a VA and is looking to expand her business – and income – in the coming months.

We can’t wait to hear about Julie’s progress toward her goals last month… Ready?

Hi Julie! How are things going?

Hello again! Things are going great – I totally kicked butt this month! Even with moving to a different country (back to the US from Mexico), I managed to accomplish almost all of my goals and MORE! 

Update us on your goals from last month:

Goal #1 – Finish my website

I’m still working on this one… but I know I’ll get it done very soon and I’ve made some progress with it! Since my focus during this last year has been completely on building out my client roster, this one got put on the back burner so to speak. I’m ready to make it happen though – stay tuned!

Goal #2 – ‘Hire’ a new client

My plan to achieve this was to pitch at least once a week. So, for a couple of weeks I did just that, and to make up for the ones I didn’t, I did some extra pitching during another week. It all averages out, right? One of my pitches even resulted in an interview within 24 hours!

My plan was also to add time to my morning routine to source new clients to pitch, and to set a reminder to pitch weekly. I’ve done both of these and think it’s definitely helped me stay focused.

Did I ‘hire’ a new client? I did! It’s a monthly project and I’m adding this to my win list for sure.

Goal #3 – Move back to the US

Accomplished! I moved back state-side and love that I can literally pick my work up and take it wherever I decide to land next.

Goal #4 – Open a business checking account

This is one of those “housekeeping” things in my business – kind of like my website – that I put off because I was, well, building my business! After some research and careful consideration, I did accomplish this goal and am feeling great about it.

What are your goals for next month?

Goal #1 – Finish that website!

Enough said, right? I’ll be getting this baby done this month. I still have a few more pages to work on, but I’m getting there.

Goal #2 – Continue to search for new clients

I’m going to keep up with my plan of scheduling time blocks in my morning to look for clients and a calendar reminder to pitch them by the end of the week. This structure is working for me, so I’ll keep going with it.

Goal #3 – Create a daily schedule that includes time for exercise, studying and eating

You’d think the eating part was a no-brainer, but some days I don’t eat until mid-afternoon because I’ve been head down in a project, or ten.

My action plan is to add time blocks for these to my calendar. I’ll need to flex for my clients’ needs but having it on the calendar with notifications turned on works for me!

Goal #4 – Personal development

Specifically, my goal here is to read a book related to my business, whether it’s about productivity, client relationships or finance.

Does this even warrant a spot in my goals?

Yes! Yes it definitely does. As they say, build your mind to build your business. I’ll be reading for 30 minutes every day.

Goal #5 – Work through the Pinterest VA course

So, this is an exciting goal… It had been my long-term goal to purchase the course next year, but I couldn’t wait! I’ve got time scheduled on my calendar to work on the Pinterest VA course and I’m really looking forward to expanding my service offerings with something that has so much potential for growth.

What’s working well in your business?

I’ve been setting some boundaries, like not checking or responding to email after work, or if I do respond I make sure to schedule my email to hit their inbox in the morning.

I’m also being very picky about who I send proposals to. I need – it is a need –to work with people I respect, who respect me and are willing to invest in their company. In my opinion this really makes a difference for myself and my clients.

Any challenges?

Unfortunately, my first client is restructuring her business and has decided to work with me on an hourly, as-needed basis versus a monthly retainer. She gave me the heads up over a month ago, so this wasn’t a surprise. We worked together for almost a year and she gave me my start! While this is sad and a little scary, things happen for a reason. Thank you to my first client for believing in me!

I feel like I’m also struggling to find my next client. It happens to everyone, not just when you are new to the biz. This is freelance life, but I know that I will land one, or possibly two, new clients soon. I’m working my plan and I have faith in myself and my abilities!

Tell us about your income last month:

Here is the latest snapshot of my earnings…

October was another great month – I predicted my earnings would be down, but surprise… A steady increase!

How did this happen, you ask? I took on a side project for one of my clients. She was going to hire a contractor for a quick project, and I suggested she could hire me instead. No training, no learning curve because we created the process together. Win-win!

Tell us about your financial goals:

My short-term financial goal is still to earn $5,000 per month in the next 6-12 months. I’m on track with this goal and actually ahead of schedule – I’ve totally got this!

My long-term financial goal is $10,000 per month. My plan to get there?…

It was to take the Pinterest VA course in the spring offered by Gina & Kristin – I hadn’t planned on moving forward with this yet but as I said earlier, I went for it anyway!

I’ve started the course and will continue working through it. My goal is to complete it by the end of the year and add this new specialized skillset to my service offerings as I grow my client base – and my income!

It was a great month and I’m looking forward to another one ahead. I’m also looking forward to sharing my progress with everyone… Stay tuned!

Ready to kick off your virtual assistant journey as Julie did? Get started here!

Julie is a Digital Librarian turned Digital Nomad (originally from Minnesota – Go Vikes!!!) who provides Virtual Assistant services to micro/small business owners. Services include email and calendar management, project management, research, digital file management, bookkeeping and general business management. Previously, she has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies as a digital asset librarian managing global databases of images and videos and providing training and technical troubleshooting.  She recently returned to Minnesota after living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a year and is enjoying the freedom and opportunities her new career provides.

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