Student Income Report Series: Intermediate VA Natalie Keifer – One Month In

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Welcome back to our Student Income Report Series! This week we’re excited to feature our first update from intermediate VA Natalie Keifer.

Remember Natalie? She started pitching daily after finishing 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, landed a client and made back her investment within three weeks of starting the course! Natalie also leveled up early on by taking the Pinterest VA course, and not only landed her first client within a few weeks, but landed her second one within a month and put herself in profit.

Natalie decided to shift gears from pursuing a career in teaching to building her VA business and is already making more than she does at her part-time job. She’s doing something she loves, and that she she used to do for free!

Let’s find out what she’s been up to and how those goals are going! Ready?

Hi Natalie, how are things going?

Hi again! Phew, September flew by – I can’t believe that we’re already into a new month! One thing I love about being a VA is that every day I do something different. Time just seems to fly by! My VA business has been going really well this past month and I’ve been having success with my client’s accounts, which is a great feeling.

Catch us up on your goals:

My goals for September were:

  • To sign another Pinterest client
  • To see progress and growth in all of my clients’ social media accounts

My plan for finding another Pinterest client was to pitch five days a week. My plan for my current clients was to come up with strategies for their social media profiles and create better content.

Unfortunately, I didn’t sign on another Pinterest client this month. There is a positive twist to this though – I heard back from pitches more than I ever have!

And, great news… I’ve seen growth in each one of my client’s social media accounts! I’m so happy to have achieved this goal and so are my clients. I made it happen by following my plan – creating an engagement strategy and working on content that was sleek and eye-catching! 

What’s been working well?

This month I focused on only doing video pitches. The response I received back from this was amazing – every person I pitched thanked me for taking the time to make a video.

Another strategy I used this month was to follow up with potential clients, and I received way more responses by doing this. The people I pitched thanked me for following up with them because they are so busy!

This month I’ve had two video discovery calls and one phone meeting with potential Pinterest clients. One client had me do a paid test trial of pins, and I’m supposed to hear back from her this week. I’m hopeful that I’ll sign on another Pinterest client soon!

Any challenges this month?

One difficult thing I experienced this month was having technical problems with the software I use for invoicing. Because of this, I haven’t received all the income that I was supposed to – grrr!

I created a post in the VA Leads Community Facebook group asking for some input about what other VAs are using and got some great feedback and support. Thanks to that, I’ve found a new invoicing system that has excellent customer support and can now bill accordingly. 

I was able to invoice two of my clients before my software went sideways, here are a couple of screenshots:

Challenges are going to happen, right? I think what’s important is that you’re realistic about that fact and are ready to pivot and swerve when things come up. You’ve just got to roll with things and keep on keepin’ on!

What are your goals for next month?

I have high hopes for October! I pitched a lot in September, and some of those leads have contacted me to talk more this month. With that being said, I’m hoping to make an additional $500 this month to add to my monthly income, which was a little over $1100 last month.

I’m also keeping my goal of signing a new Pinterest client – fingers crossed! Lastly, I’m setting a goal to work on my website so that it better reflects what I do as a VA.

I know October will be a great month, and I can’t wait to share my next update with everyone!

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Natalie Keifer is a freelance writer, social media manager and Pinterest strategist from Pennsylvania who enjoys connecting with others. She is strong in her faith, and loves to spend time reading her Bible. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing and watching Netflix. She’s building her VA business and loves every second of it!

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