Student Income Report Series: Intermediate VA Natalie Keifer – Two Months In

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Welcome to our next Student Income Report Series update! Here at Horkey HandBook we know how motivating and inspiring income reports are, and we’ve created this series so you can follow along with three virtual assistants at different stages in their businesses.

In this post we’ll hear from Natalie Keifer, intermediate VA. Natalie’s got a great story of hustling hard and being super motivated – she started pitching daily after finishing 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, landed a client and made back her investment within three weeks of starting the course!

Natalie also leveled up early on by taking the Pinterest VA course, and not only landed her first client within a few weeks, but landed her second one within a month and put herself in profit.

In our last chat with Natalie, she shared that she was looking to up her income and add a client to her roster this month. Let’s see how it went! Ready?

Hi Natalie! How are things going?

Hello again! Phew, another month has flown by, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it! This past month has come with some unexpected twists and turns, but it hasn’t affected how much I totally love what I’m doing. My business has been going really well!

A major win this month was receiving testimonials from all of my clients to put up on my website. These made me feel great because I could actually see that I was helping my clients and I loved their rave reviews. This is just another ‘plus’ to this business – the kind words and feedback are a bonus along with the paycheck! 

Catch us up on last month’s goals:

Last month one of my main goals was to increase my monthly income by $500. My other goals were to sign a new Pinterest client and to work on my website so it will better reflect my work as a Pinterest VA.

First off, I can happily say that I earned an extra $550 this month because I signed a new Pinterest client! This is an international client and she signed up for two packages with me – a Tailwind set up package and a Pinterest Set Up package. She also signed a three-month contract! 

Next month we’ll be continuing with a monthly maintenance plan of $300 a month, but I’m super excited to have met two of my goals by signing on a second Pinterest client.

And, bonus – this client wanted Pinterest services for her healthy cookbook, and I love the book so much! It’s exciting to create content for a product that I would buy myself. 

My invoices for the month of October!

What’s been working well?

In my update last month I mentioned that video pitching and following up were working really well for me. Guess what? They totally still are!

That Pinterest client that I landed? I followed up with her six times! We were communicating back and forth, but she had let me know that she was very busy and didn’t often check her email (maybe she needs email management services too?).

This is why it was even more crucial for me to follow up with her – she wanted my services but didn’t have the time to keep up with her emails. Because I kept circling back and following up, we were able to set up a time to video chat and two weeks later she signed on to work with me!

Any challenges?

Remember when I talked about twists and turns this month? This month began with an email from a client letting me know that she needed to decrease the number of hours I work with her for the next two months. We have a monthly contract so her request was acceptable.

There is a bright light in this challenge though! My client expressed to me that she loves my work, and doesn’t want to lose me as a VA. Her workload is smaller for the next two months but she said if it picked up within that two months that I’ll go back to my full-time rate. Either way, after two months the plan is that I’ll go back to my regular, full-time rate with her.

While it started off as a challenge, this showed me that my work is making a difference for this client and that she values my services!

What are your goals for next month?

Next month my goals are to:

  • Continue working on my website
  • Gain another client – either as a Pinterest VA or providing copywriting services

I plan to accomplish my first goal by creating a set time each week to work on my website. To help me land a new client, I’m participating in a pitching challenge in our VA Leads Community Facebook group!

We started the challenge this month by posting our pitching goals to dive into the fun with some support and accountability from the group. I plan on pitching once a day, five days a week (or five times per week minimum). Video pitches have been really working for me so I’ll continue to use those, and will definitely continue to follow up with my pitches.

I’m looking forward to letting everyone know how it’s going next month!

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Natalie Keifer is a freelance writer, social media manager and Pinterest strategist from Pennsylvania who enjoys connecting with others. She is strong in her faith, and loves to spend time reading her Bible. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing and watching Netflix. She’s building her VA business and loves every second of it!

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