Student Income Report Series: Beginner VA Trisha Huber – Four Months In

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Welcome to another update in our Student Income Report Series! In this post we’ll be hearing from beginner VA Trisha Huber.

Remember Trisha? After moving to Costa Rica with her new hubby, she ended up on the hamster wheel of online ‘jobs’ that just weren’t panning out… Until she found 30 Days or Less to VA Success!

Trisha dove into the course feet first, and we’ve been following along with her as she’s been building her business from the ground up – including getting her social media profiles and website up and running and finding those first clients.

The last time we chatted with Trisha, she had just landed her first two clients – both through social media! Ready to hear how it’s going so far? Let’s do this!

Hi Trisha! How are things going?

Hi again! Things are going great – last month I started working with my first two clients, exciting! I felt a little intimidated at first and was worried that I was asking too many questions. But, I wanted to make a good impression while trying to wrap my brain around how everything works in a timely and intelligent manner.

Both my clients have been great at filling me in on how they do things and where they need help. I feel like a ‘win’ for me was balancing asking the right questions with taking the initiative to get things done on my own.

It’s been a nice onboarding process, and I’ve been eased into the tasks I’m doing. I’m feeling confident about the quality of service I’m providing and my efficiency, and that is awesome!

I also made a change with my phone service, which was a godsend. Since I live abroad I would get cut off with my clients mid-call frequently – not good. It’s the little victories that mean the most sometimes!

What kinds of tasks are you doing for your new clients?

My first client is the executive director of a company that oversees a food bank and provides several other services that aid the less fortunate in a large city in the United States. 

She has other assistants working in her office but has plenty that can be handled remotely by yours truly. One of the many appealing aspects of hiring a virtual assistant is the fact that the client doesn’t have to provide benefits or pay taxes for you, as Gina points out in the course.

I’ve been helping this client with email management, as she gets a high volume of messages daily from agencies that need to set up meetings to discuss how they can contribute to the food bank and provide any needed services.

There are also general public inquiries and questions, so sorting emails accordingly to priority is essential. This is a little intimidating, but I’m gaining confidence, and of course, ask questions if I am unsure about anything. We mostly communicate through Outlook email. 

“I’ve already learned so many new skills for email management. In 30 Days or Less to VA Success, Gina talks about one of the main benefits of VA work being that you are getting paid to learn new skills and obtain new knowledge. This is so true – you are never too old to learn and grow. With each new skill I learn, it will be a new service I can offer to potential new clients. A win-win!”

I’m also helping with some content creation for social media. I love being creative, so this part has been really fun, and she’s used some of my ideas!

I really love working with this client, she’s a very compassionate, understanding, all-around great person. I also feel awesome about what I’m helping to support – providing much-needed services to those less fortunate than us. All in all, I’m really thrilled about this experience with my first client!

My other client is a budding entrepreneur. My tasks for her include email management and sending out correspondence to her customers that she creates, so I’m supporting with customer service also.

She may also use me to create some Pinterest rich pins for her soon. For now, she just wants me to focus on helping her organize the emails and correspondence. 

Catch us up on your goals:

My goal last month was to land my next client by the end of the month or at least initiate contact with interested clients for the new year. 

I didn’t acquire any new clients, but I am getting responses from some of the pitches I sent out – gotta sow those seeds! I think that because it was the end of the year, a lot of businesses were closing out the year and probably not looking to make new hires.

With two new clients, some experience under my belt and seeing the results of my pitching efforts, though, I’ve got some great momentum going and things are picking up! I’m continuing to create social media posts to advertise my services, and have been networking in the social media groups I’m a part of.  

My goal is to land two more clients within the next three months. I’m also still striving to hit my first income goal of $2000 a month. I think 2020 is going to be a great year!

Here’s to the New Year and continuing on a path of success to create the best virtual assistant business I can!

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Trisha Bess is a crafty, nature-loving, adventurous American living abroad in Grecia, Costa Rica with her adorable hubby and two dogs. She is currently building a premium VA business. Her background includes small business ownership, medical information technology, working as an internet analyst and quality rater and over three decades of excellent customer service experience.

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