Student Income Report Series: Beginner VA Trisha Huber – One Month In

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Welcome back to our Student Income Report Series! This week we’re excited to feature our first update from beginner VA Trisha Huber.

To jog your memory a bit, Trisha and her new husband picked up and moved to Costa Rica where she’s building her virtual assistant business. When we last checked in with her, Trisha was just finishing the course, getting her website up and running and getting ready to look for those first clients.

You can read more about Trisha’s story here...

Let’s find out what she’s been up to and how those goals are going! Ready?

Hi Trisha! Fill us in on the past month:

Hi again! It’s been a great month of building my business, and I’m super excited to give everyone an update.

What did I get done this month?

I’ve completed Gina’s awesome course, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success! I’ve been reading, rereading and applying as I go, and it’s been so helpful to have all the what, when and how broken down – definitely critical for a type A personality like me!

I’m also proud to say that I finished my website! I feel good about it being a place to attract potential clients in a fun and professional way. Here’s a couple screenshots to give you an idea:

While this was a bit terrifying to do, it was also really exciting. My goal was to create something professional but engaging, and I definitely loved the creative process. And bonus – I learned a ton that I know will help me in the months to come and managed to somehow keep my sanity, win-win!

As Gina says – one of the greatest perks of this process is learning as you go. So true.

My other goal was to figure out what services I’ll be offering. Gina’s list of 150+ services you can offer is loooooong, but I narrowed it down!

I’ve settled on Pinterest management, email management and general admin tasks – I’m totally confident that these services are in high demand and that I can actually do them.

And last, but definitely not least, I’ve been pitching one potential client every other day. My goal from last month was to send out my first pitch, which I did, and pitch every day. So, I did make some progress with this goal, and I have some room to up my game!

What’s been working well?

I’ve been applying the strategies that Gina recommends for finding clients, and the most valuable thing I’ve been doing has been networking. I was literally on an airplane talking to people I’ve never met, learning about their lives, jobs, etc… So, I shared my new adventure and gave out my contact info! 

“You never know when a new connection could lead to a client. I think when you take the time to really listen to people, they become more invested in what you have to say.”

Getting over that hurdle of putting yourself out there to people (in a non-annoying manner of course!) boosts your confidence and most importantly, starts a conversation that could bring potential business. 

I’ve also been using social media to find clients as Gina recommends, and I’ve started with LinkedIn. It has the type of clientele I want – businesses and entrepreneurs.  I revamped my LinkedIn page and now that I understand it so much more I’m excited to see how it will help my business grow! Here is a peek at my recently revamped profile: 

Have any challenges come up?

The most difficult thing I did this past month was to get myself out there and pitch. I just have a fear of portraying myself as unqualified or worse, unintelligent. Good news though – I am gaining momentum and confidence with each pitch! 

If I could change one thing from the last month, it would’ve been to focus more on pitching. I mostly worked on building my business, but moving forward I’m going zero in on pitching!

What are your income goals?

Obviously one of the main reasons to start a business is to provide an income for yourself and your family, and I definitely have monetary goals for my new business. The reality is that I really need to make around $2000.00 per month to be able to pay my bills. I’ve always been passionate about not starving to death, lol. 

My long-term objective is to go above and beyond this and make $5000.00 plus per month. Since I’m really throwing my heart and soul into creating this business, I want to secure a comfortable foundation for my financial future. It’s the American dream, right?

Even though this American girl isn’t currently living on US soil, I still have the drive to achieve my American dream, now more than ever. I have set my first financial goal – to earn $2000 per month within my first three months of working with clients.

What are your goals for the month ahead?

October is here! This is the time of year I mentally start to unwind as we draw closer to the end of the year, but not this year!

My goals this month:

  • Pitch every day
  • Continue learning about the services I’ll be providing
  • To have my first client, and hopefully two, by the end of the month

So, I’m going to stay focused and keep moving forward. I’m excited to share next month’s update with everyone!

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Trisha Bess is a crafty, nature loving, adventurous American living abroad in Grecia, Costa Rica with her adorable hubby and two dogs. She is currently building a premium VA business. Her background includes small business ownership, medical information technology, working as an internet analyst and quality rater and over three decades of excellent customer service experience.

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