Student Income Report Series: Beginner VA Trisha Huber – Two Months In

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Welcome back to the Student Income Report Series here at Horkey HandBook! In this post we’ll be catching up with Trisha Huber as she’s digging in to her third month in her VA business.

Trisha and her new husband recently relocated from the US to Costa Rica where she’s building her business! So far she’s been putting all of the things in place to set herself up for success and looking for those first clients. You can catch her last update here.

Let’s find out how things are going this month… Ready?

Hi Trisha! Catch us up on your business:

Hi again! So here we are in month three of starting my virtual assistant business. I’m on a continual journey of learning as I go! As you might remember my goals for last month were to: 

  • Pitch daily
  • Keep learning relevant skills for the services I offer
  • Get my first two clients

Great newsI just landed my first client! She’s an executive director for a growing company in New Mexico. I connected with her by reaching out to my natural market and networking with my friends, and then sent her a video pitch. She loved it and we’ll start working together this month!

I also heard back from another potential client who is very interested. She asked for additional information and I’m feeling confident we’ll be a good fit for working together!

Things are looking good and I have almost achieved my goal of getting my first two clients.

What’s been working well for you?

One of the new things I’ve been doing has been sending video pitches. Gina highly recommends video pitching in 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. It’s clearly an effective way to go, so I’ll continue to use this method for my future pitches.

Gina says, “Where do incredible things happen? Outside your comfort zone!” Trust me making videos is outside my comfort zone, but I’m gaining confidence with each one!

“I’m feeling proud that I took this step outside my comfort zone and it resulted in my first client!”

The other thing that’s been really helpful has been all the downloadable forms, questionnaires, worksheets, scripts and sample interviews in the course. I feel like I have all the necessary documents for making my business run!

Having all the forms and documents I need makes things feel almost turnkey in my business. I’ve been familiarizing myself with these and customizing and branding the ones I know I’ll be using right away.

Oh, and the lists of tools in the course! There are so many, some I’ve heard of like Calendly, Quick Books and Tailwind, but there are a lot I that I haven’t. Having a list of these tools and what they can do for your business is invaluable – thank you Gina! I’m sorting through and learning the benefits of each one and deciding which tools I’ll implement in my daily, weekly and monthly work tasks. 

What are you currently working on?

I’m constantly working on learning more about each service I offer to my clients. I want to be ready to impress them with firm knowledge and a can-do attitude! I’m soaking up as much information as I can on Pinterest management, email management and other general administrative tasks. 

I’m also working on marketing my business. I’ve created a Facebook business page and have invited my friends to like it and spread the word that I’m available for hire! I’ve had some great feedback so far and that feels awesome.

My new Facebook business page!

I’m continuing to post on LinkedIn and have joined several groups there. Joining groups is such a great way to network and learn from other entrepreneurs!

I’m also part of Gina’s VA Leads Facebook group which is full of great advice and offers connections with other virtual assistants and leads for potential clients. I have learned so much this month, especially from the groups. 

What are your goals for next month?

My goal for the upcoming month is to reach my financial goal of earning $2000.00 per month. My plan to make this happen is to continue to pitch using both video and written pitches depending on the situation.

My goal is to have at least three clients by the end of December. Reaching that goal will be a wonderful way to end this year! Dear Santa, bring me a client or two, even the grinch will do!

I’m really enjoying this process of sharing my journey with everyone, and I can’t wait to check in with my goals and results next month!

Ready to kick off your virtual assistant journey like Trisha did? Get started here!

Trisha Bess is a crafty, nature loving, adventurous American living abroad in Grecia, Costa Rica with her adorable hubby and two dogs. She is currently building a premium VA business. Her background includes small business ownership, medical information technology, working as an internet analyst and quality rater and over three decades of excellent customer service experience.

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