Student Income Report Series: Meet Beginner VA Trisha Huber

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We’re starting off a brand new series here at Horkey HandBook!

We’ll be following along with three super-motivated VAs in different stages of their businesses – beginner, intermediate and advanced – who are willing to share their journeys and income with us.

Why share their income you ask? Great question! Gina shared her income reports for the first two and a half years of her VA journey ā€“ she stopped as her business model changed and they were no longer relatable to newer virtual assistants.

We know that income reports are still super motivating and encouraging to read though, so we’re bringing them back! In this series, we’ll learn about where each of our VAs are at in their business journey and their plans for getting results in the coming months.

We looked for candidates SERIOUS about kicking butt and taking names as virtual assistants. That includes everything from landing just a few clients, to making an extra $500+ per month and running a full-time VA business, possibly scaling to an agency model over time.

Success comes in all shapes and sizes, and everyone’s journey is unique! This week we’ll hear from Trisha Huber… get ready!

Hi Trisha! Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hello everyone! I’m Trisha, and I have just begun this adventure of starting my own virtual assistant business. I am super stoked to get this puppy up and running ā€“ this girl is ready to create some magic!

What made you decide to start a VA business?

Last October, I got married and my sweet husband asked if I would like to move to Costa Rica!

It has been a lifelong dream for him to live abroad, so after twisting my arm šŸ˜œ we decided to make a move to paradise. I had no other obligations, children, etc, to tie me to one location so I thought, why not? 

Since I am not a resident of Costa Rica, my only option was to work online. I honestly thought it was going to be super-duper easy to get a quality online job.

Not true!

After months of trials and tribulations (and some seriously whack-job options!), I was fed up. Many jobs completely wasted my time and efforts and left me back at ground zero.

I graduated from college at the top of my class and these “opportunities” made me feel inferior, which I did not appreciate. 

So, what is that old saying? If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself!

I decided, enough of the crazy – time to start my own business! I am utterly obsessed with Pinterest and spend a lot of time ā€“ seriously obscene amounts ā€“ browsing through it and looking at everything! I came across Gina’s course, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success there.

Yay me! I was so happy to find this course, an actual step-by-step guide to building my own business, in the field I wanted. 

“The best part is that I’m building my very own business where I get to work abroad doing something I can be proud of, be my own boss, travel while working, set my own schedule and secure my financial stability. Yes, please!”

How is 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success going for you?

I read about the course and was immediately impressed with how relatable Gina is. I have checked out some other classes, watched the infomercials, etc and thought, oh no… This sounds like rocket science! I’ll never be able to complete that!

Not the case with this course. Gina puts everything into a super fun, yet easy-to-follow format. I love the humor she injects, and I just felt something click… I was sure this was the course for me.

And I was right on! Gina is super encouraging and fights to keep you motivated. The course convinced me that this IS the business for me.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey so far?

I have been on a self-empowerment journey for the past five years. Divorce, three moves, going back to college in my 40ā€™s and several new jobs will change a girl. I went from never owning a cell phone or using a computer, to graduating college with high distinction. No easy feat at my age!

“I am building my own website, people!”

I feel so empowered, and I’m excited to keep this power growing. The best part is that I’m building my very own business where I get to work abroad doing something I can be proud of, be my own boss, travel while working, set my own schedule and secure my financial stability. Yes, please!

I have just started the process and have gone through about 75% of the course so far. I’m super excited to start implementing what I’m learning!

Any challenges so far?

Gina stresses how important it is to jump in and start pitching right away, a terrifying thought for me.

I’m a type-A personality ā€“ I feel like I need to know all of the facts first, structure them, over-analyze all the information, lol, you get the picture… So I’m trying to throw my type-A personality aside and psyche myself up to go for the gusto!

If Iā€˜m spending all of my time trying to perfect everything, my first pitch might be ready in about five years… in which case, my gigs will be paying for my therapy! However, since I have decided to throw out the crazy, I’m following Gina’s advice as closely as possible. 

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Tell us about your business…

The first step I took was to create a business name and website so that I could have a brandable business and a professional way for potential clients to contact me. I made my first “executive” decision and selected my business name, One Up Daisy VA Services.

It didn’t take me too long, and I didn’t want to complicate it, as I know I am prone to obsessing over the small details.

My thought process went like this:

1. I love daisies -and-

2. One up sounds like an uplifting, positive phrase as opposed to the well-known saying, “pushing up daisies.” 

What are your current goals?

My short-term goals are:

  1. Setup and publish my website.
  2. Make my first pitch… terrifying, but I will prevail!
  3. Narrow down what services I feel comfortable offering.

I’m currently working on my website, It’s still a work in progress, but I’m following Horkey HandBook’s course, 7 Days or Less to Branded Website Success.

My goal for the next 30 days: 

To have at least one client ā€“ ideally two!

How I’m going to make it happen:

  1. Pitch, pitch, pitch! That is my new motto! I’ll be sending at least one pitch every morning.
  2. Complete and implement the course material. 
  3. Have organizational apps and extensions in place to keep everything organized and successful.
  4. Tweak my website for optimal success.

I am guilty of procrastination, but the proverbial fire under my behind is now ablaze and I am ready to put in the effort to make my business succeed. 

My long-term goals:

One year from now I aspire to:

  • Maintain a monthly client list of between 5-7 clients.
  • Be financially stable as a result of creating this business.
  • Have a business that has, and will continue to, empower my journey.

Have you ever seen the movie, Pretty Woman? A man is crossing the road and saying, “What’s your dream? Everybody’s got dreams.”

That quote makes me think of my own goals. My dream is one year from now to know that I have created a successful business that’s allowed me to become debt-free, gain independence and feel empowered!

Ready to kick off your virtual assistant journey like Trisha did? Get started here!

Trisha Bess is a crafty, nature loving, adventurous American living abroad in Grecia, Costa Rica with her adorable hubby and two dogs. She is currently building a premium VA business. Her background includes small business ownership, medical information technology, working as an internet analyst and quality rater and over three decades of excellent customer service experience.

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