Q: How can you get more time back, while still growing your business?

A: Hire a VA (virtual assistant).
(Hint: It shouldn't be just any VA!)

How Does It Work?

Finding the right virtual assistant fit isn't always easy.

But using our service, it's now turn-key!

DIY Matching

Do it yourself.

You select from the best of the best highly-qualified North American  VAs listed on our private platform.

Watch their "hire me" video, scan their rates, their bio and their top three VA skills - all in one place!


100% hands-free.  

Let us do the dirty work and find the perfect VA match for you! We'll chat with you first to get a sense of your needs and then start screening candidates for your best fit. Lastly, we'll narrow it down to two finalists for you to choose from.


For the custom match, you can choose to interview just one or both of the final candidates.

Use email, Skype or a regular ol' phone call for the final interview and discuss the specific job details and get started with a two week trial. 


Now that your perfect VA is on retainer, it's time to use your new-found time, help and freedom wisely.

What do we suggest? Do what you do best.

(Hint: this should include focusing on ways to grow your online business.) 

Delegate tasks from your office or on the go.

Time is your most valuable asset!

Use it wisely and let your new virtual assistant take on the time consuming tasks that keep stopping you up.

Is your inbox flooded with unanswered emails?  >Let your VA manage it for you. 

Need research done on your competitors?     >Your VA has you covered! 

No time to proofread your next blog post?           >Send it off to your English speaking VA who will ensure the spelling and grammar are up to snuff. 

"Working with Gina has been a breath of fresh air for my business. She's proactive -- she doesn't just do what I say needs to be done, but she finds holes in my business and then figures out (and does) what needs to be done. If you're feeling overwhelmed, hire Gina!"


~Brennan Dunn, Double Your Freelancing

Meet One of Our VAs

Meet Melane - she can start helping you get more organized today!

Melane can rid you of your "energy vampires."

Melane is just one example of the quality of VAs we offer. Let her (or someone like her) take on the menial tasks that need to get done (but that aren't your favorite) and free you up to get on with your love to-do list

Bring a ray of sanity to your crazy world...

"Bootstrapping a business is hard - wearing so many hats and working in relative isolation. Gina is always there to help, learn and work together to wrangle the chaos!"


~Joel Hooks, Egghead.io

You'll Love Your New VA -
We Guarantee It!

Choose from 2 Options: 

1. DIY Matching (one-time fee of $97)

2. Custom MatchMaking (one-time fee of $297)

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!


Time is a non-renewable resource. Start outsourcing 
routine tasks and reinvest the difference in the growth of your business!

For example, let's say you're billing $100/hr and paying your VA $25/hr. If your VA saves you 10 hours per week, that's $3,000 per month more in your pocket (or time back with your family).


VA rates start at $15/hr, but the average candidate is currently charging $25/hr.

You can also work out a retainer agreement for a set amount of tasks (rather than hours) with the VA directly. 

In fact, that's what we would recommend long-term.


Each VA is prepared to start with a few hours per week AND with a two week trial.

Two weeks is the perfect amount of time to figure out if you’re the right fit for each other.

And if you’re not, you won’t have to feel bad about parting ways!


We’ll find you the right VA match or refund your money in full. 


No fuss, no muss - we believe in our service and candidates 100%.

A little more about our VAs

We're serious when we say we pre-screen the VAs on our site.

Our VAs are "Gina certified."

Candidates are ONLY added to the VA roster AFTER going through 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success - a best-selling course developed by Gina Horkey, and modeled after her decade of experience supporting successful small business owners.

Gina gets to know them personally through the duration of the course and by interacting consistently in the private Facebook group that's associated with it.

Our candidates are highly educated and qualified.

Most of our current VA candidates have their bachelor's and/or master's degrees.

They are also well-versed in numerous online tools like WordPress, the Google tools suite, Buffer, Trello and more!

And they're also trained to always be learning about you, your business and how to make your life easier.

Our VAs speak YOUR language.

Not only are our candidates based in North America or Europe, but they also all speak English as their first language.

Best of all?

They're all passionate about online business. And really, that's the language that's most important!

Our candidates are flexible and always up for a good challenge!

We understand the needs of your business can change at the drop of a hat. 

Need additional hours? Ask your VA if they can accomodate you. If not, add another VA to your roster.

Or if your needs decrease, give your VA enough time to prepare for the change in workload and pay. 

Still have questions? Get in touch with Gina and ask them right now! (She's a little addicted to email.) ;-)