Find out with this 18-page workbook TODAY!

The Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Career workbook will help you to:

Decide if VA work is for you. Still not sure what a virtual assistant is or if you have the skills to become one? Lesson one will help you figure that out in a jiffy!

Choose up to three service offerings. Once you've determined VA work IS for you, it's time to choose a few services that you can offer potential clients in lesson two.

Establish your online presence. Your new VA biz is a business, not a hobby. So you need to treat it as such! In lesson three, we'll tackle establishing a professional home base where prospects can get to know you, the services you offer and get in touch to get started working with you.

Send your first five pitches. You're not going to get very far if you don't start putting yourself out there and prospecting for clients. In lesson five, we'll show you exactly how to do that (including swipe copy you can use!).

Plus TWO BONUSES to show you where to look for clients and a tool to keep track of it all!